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About Us

About Our Company
Our market is heavily rooted in integrated home entertainment, audio and video; both retail and custom installation. As such, Discovery OnMark, LLC. represents manufacturers driving these markets with reputations of excellence and leadership in technology. We bring the resources, commitment, and focus on quality and service to help drive growth, provide outstanding services, product information, resource and technical support. Our clients are both the manufacturers we represent and dealers who sell and support their products and services. Our passion is creating the match between manufacturer and dealers that define the market.

Our Training
Discovery Marketing actively promotes internally developed training programs that set the standards for our staff and dealers alike. In addition, we participate and promote additional training offered by the manufacturers we represent.

Our Team Structure
Represents over 85 years of valuable experience in business, retail, custom installation, and distribution environments. We have reps in all our critical markets for better service and support.


Chip Jacobs

Managing Partner- Key Accounts, Southern Colorado Accounts and primary manufacturer contact


Phone:  (303) 841-3085

Cell: (303) 881-2585

Lou Price
Cell: (719) 314-5806

John Kern
Account Manager for Utah, Idaho, Western Montana and Western Wyoming
Phone: (801) 582-6628
Cell: (801) 599-5787

Kevin Kloeckner
Account Manager for Arizona, New Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada and El Paso, Texas
Cell: (480) 216-5740