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Carver Professional:  World renowned Carver Professional is the line to go to when you need high quality amplifiers, compact subs and speakers.  High end performance that your customers will love.

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Front Row Seating: Since 2003 Front Row Seating has been helping North Americans make the most of their home entertainment experience. They still build everything by hand in their Canadian factories* utilizing premium materials and old-world construction techniques honed over more than 60 years. Each Front Row order is custom built to meet your exacting specifications and they wouldn’t have it any other way.


M&K: M&K was the first company to develope the subwoofer and launched the first sub sat sytem in the 1970's.  M&K was and still is the leader in this area.  M&K Sound also designs loudspeakers to sound inherently right, to be universal tools, equally adept with any style of music or movie soundtrack, in stereo or surround.


Mission: What makes a great loudspeaker? What makes it sing? To Mission the answer is simple: In a well-matched system. The speakers have to allow the performance of the music to shine through. It’s not a group of notes; it’s a performance.


OSD: Optimal Speaker Design is engaged in the design, engineering, and distribution of high-quality home and commercial audio products. Their products range in complexity from simple in-ceiling speakers to whole house audio systems—all with beautiful styling and high-end sound quality.Their U.S.-based research, development and design team, is supported by a network of cutting-edge acoustical, mechanical and electrical engineers. Together, they create products that combine the latest technology with ease of use for a quality sound experience. 


OSD Black Series:  For those who want to take their OSD experience to the next level there is OSD Black.  It's a full line of speakers, subwoofers and electronics that will rival any components on the market. Seeing is belieiving but hearing is the real test. This line will never let you down.


Seymour Screen Excellence: Seymour is well known as the manufacturer of the best acoustically transparent screens for the home theater market.  Priced below our competitor's regular screens Seymour is one of the best values in this category.


Sim 2: Founded in 1995, SIM2 is an Italian electronics industry provider that designs, manufactures and supplies video projection and HDR products for residential and commercial applications.



Vutec: An Award-Winning Line of high-quality customizable projection screen products ranging from fixed, motorized, manual, portable and rear projection screens.